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About HomepageSearchEngine

A powerful full-text search engine with spidering/indexing system

Add a professional, Google-like full-text search engine system to your own homepage! HomepageSearchEngine can search all text files of your or any other website, both static and dynamically generated ones. Nice looking, user-friendly and fully customizable results pages with highlighted matches,
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immediate localisation of the matches within the found files and a protected Admin Area are only some reasons why this search engine has become the first choice of many webmasters.

Key features

+integrated Spider (Robot) and HTTP(S) client allow spidering entire sites and grabbing any URLs
+highlighted matches in the result ranking list as well as within the found files or any other page, with the first match on top
+supports different categories, Boolean search (logical operators for each search term individually), phrases, wildcards, selectable search sources and restrictive search options
+indexed (for large sites), flat and on-the-fly (for fast processors) search method can be applied alternatively
+administrationable directly on the system shell as well as via a web based, protected Admin Area
+comes with a shell script for automatic daily spidering/indexing
+easy "one-click Indexing" via the web based Admin Area possible, also on large sites (by applying the incremental indexing method)
+easy installation: configuration by only one plain configuration file and one HTML template (static or dynamic) - no setup routine required

Support for a lot of different formats

HomepageSearchEngine supports multiple:
+file types (incl. Web Pages web pages: HTML, SHTML, PHP, ASP, JSP, CFM, MV, XML, WML;
Plain Text Files plain text files and special text formats: RTF (Rich Text Format) Documents RTF and PDF (Portable Document Format) Documents PDF)
+configuration sets (10 independent sets sharing the same executable file)
+(currently 25) languages (also those with Right-to-Left write direction):
ar - Arabic  cs - Czech  da - Danish  de - German  el - Greek  en - English  es - Spanish  fi - Finnish  fr - French  hr - Croatian  hu - Hungarian  it - Italian  ja - Japanese  nl - Dutch  no - Norwegian  pl - Polish  pt - Portuguese  ro - Romanian  ru - Russian  sr - (Latin) Serbian  sv - Swedish  th - Thai tr - Turkish  zh-cn - simplified Chinese  zh-tw - traditional Chinese 
- can be switched on-the-fly (for each configuation set)
+character encodings: all W3C approved Encodings, including UTF-8 and those used for all European languages, for Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese and many more languages.
+HTML/XML character references in web pages: Unicode notations for all ASCII and Latin-1 characters (in both hexadecimal and decimal form), 101 named entities (including those for all Latin-1 characters)
+platforms (5: Windows Windows, GNU/Linux GNU/Linux, FreeBSD FreeBSD, Sun Solaris Solaris and MacOS MacOS)

Download the free Trial and Freeware version now!

October 31, 2006  Version 3.61 released 

Details regarding version changes are available within the History file.
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