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HomepageSearchEngine exists in different version types: as standard version "Plus edition" and as full version "Pro edition", which require the purchasement of a license. The license includes 30 days support in English and German per eMail and is valid for all 5 supported platforms:

Windows Windows 32bit,
GNU/Linux GNU/Linux,
FreeBSD FreeBSD,
Sun Solaris Sun Solaris,
MacOS Apple MacOS X.

To test the software on your webserver before purchasing a license, you can freely download a fully functional evaluation version of the Pro Edition - the "Pro Trial" version. There is also a completely free ("Freeware") version available - the "Free edition", with limited functionality. In the following lists, the features are marked differently, depending on the availibility in certain version types:

  • available in the Free, Plus and Pro edition
  • available in the Plus and Pro edition
  • only available in the Pro edition

Plus edition
Simple input form from HSE Plus and Pro

Where will be searched?
  • Search is performed using the on-the-fly method: Full text search through all your actual web pages by crawling all files and - optional - sub directories - the search result always brings the true content of your website and it is not necessary to index your site
  • Several types of Web Pages web pages (HTML files) will be recognized: Simple HTML files (with the .htm or .html extension), Server Side Includes HTML files (with the .shtml extension), PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) files (with the .php, .phtml or .php3 extension), ASP (Active Server Pages) files (with the .asp extension), ASP.NET files (with the .aspx extension), JSP (JavaServer Pages) files (with the .jsp extension), ColdFusion files (with the .cfm extension), Miva Script files (with the .mv extension), Extensible Markup Language files (with the .xml extension) and Wireless Markup Language files (with the .wml extension).
  • Non-HTML text files can also be searched. Beside Plain Text Files simple text files, also RTF (Rich Text Format) Documents RTF (Rich Text Format)-documents (files with the .rtf extension) are supported.
  • Restriction of the searchable files through global listing of directories and files that may not be searched and that must be searched always

What will be searched?
  • You can search for one or more terms at the same time
  • You may input single words and phrases as search terms at the same time. Phrases are enclosed inside quotes - as known from world wide search engines like Google.
  • Terms can be combined by logical operators: the sign "+" marks a term as forced (it must be present); the sign "-" marks a term as forbidden (it must not be present)
  • Possibilty to automatically mark all unsigned terms as forced (by activating the checkbox "+" near the input field)
  • Wildcards can be set in search terms: the asterisk (*) character stands for zero or more occurrences of any character within a word.
  • You can search for any number of any characters
  • Unicode notations for all ASCII and Latin-1 characters will be recognized, in both hexadecimal and decimal form. For instance, the '@' character will also be found as '@' and as '@'.
  • Wide support for named entities: 101 forms are supported, including the ones for all the 96 Latin-1 characters, the HTML ASCII characters (", &, < and >) and the Euro sign ()
  • Full support of several languages´ special characters: Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Each character will be found in all of its four possible notation forms - eg. the German "Umlaut-a" sign as '', as '&auml;', as '&#xe4;' and as '&#228;'.

How does it look like?
  • All output to the browser is done only in clean XHTML 1.0. The exclusive usage of design neutral tags (span, div and a) makes the results structured only, but not designed. The design is completely controlled by the webmaster, using a central CSS StyleSheet definition.
  • The results can be printed with icon images Web Page Plain Text File RTF (Rich Text Format) Document PDF (Portable Document Format) Document - depending on the file type. Web pages can be printed with user defined images, alternatively.
  • All matches within the informations showed in the results pages may be highlighted in any style.
  • All matches can also be highlithed within the found pages themselves, as well as in pages under any URL ("URL Inspector"), with the first match on top. Can also be used to show the HTTP Header responded by the webserver.
  • Full integration into your existing webdesign through a HTML template file.
  • The form remembers your input: on each results page the input form with your input re-appears
  • Call of the search engine is also possible from an own form. Sample template that preserves the previous form settings included.
  • The custom form ("search box") can be embedded into any page.
  • A dynamic HTML template can be used alternatively to the static one. Each script language supported by the server possible. Sample template for SSI and template for PHP containing URL Inspector in a custom input form included. The URL Inspector will be applied on the page the user is currently viewing. The corresponding URL will be determined automatically via the supported script language.
  • The results pages are fully customizable. The descriptions can be made in a "Google-like" style or alternatively/additionaly from the description meta-tag. The results' links can be subsituted by a custom code, so the result URL can be delivered to a script, also with an additional ID that has been created dynamically before the search. A sample Perl CGI script (passurl.cgi) to redirect the result URLs to a custom application is shipped.
  • Your search terms can be queried to any world wide search engines such as and
  • Integrated Online-Help (Clicking on "Help" opens a window providing helpful decscriptions)
  • The form can be configured to search in up to 25 categories. The user can then choose the category from a drop down menu or the webmaster can force the category depending on which page the user will currently be. World wide search engines can also be queried out of the search box as a category.
  • Advanced input form (by clicking on "Advanced search >>") allows to adjust the search options:

Advanced input form from HSE Plus and Pro

Advanced search
  • Options for restrictive searching (Match case and Find only whole words) may be switched on/off.
  • Controlled selection possibilty of the search sources: in addition to title and full text of the web pages (both are activated by default) you may also perform the search in the descriptions and keywords (meta-tags) and in the alternative texts of the images (alt-attributes of the img-tags).
  • Changable number of matches per results page in the ranking-list
  • Choosable mode of sorting the ranking-list: by the number of matches, the time of the last update or by the file path's name

  • Easy configuration: in an own configuration file you only need to edit the values of 2 directives - the path to the base directory (basepath) and the corresponding URL (baseurl).
  • Up to 10 different configuation sets can be used alternatively.
  • Output in any language possible through freely editable language files. Currently, language files for 25 languages are included. Each configuation set can be used with all supported languages at the same time.
  • International settings for supporting all W3C approved Character Encodings including utf-8 and those used for all European languages, for Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese and many more languages. In addition, a custom date format, the decimal separating character and the write direction (to support right-to-left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew) can be set. You can switch between the several languages with its associated International settings online.
  • Possibility to view a clear list of all files that will be searched
  • The data may be transported via the GET-method - this has the advanteges that you can call a certain results site directly (example link here). But the POST-method is also supported if you prefer it.
  • The program is Year 2000 (Y2K)-compliant: All year output is in 4-digit-format and dates after Dec. 31, 1999 will be recognized correctly.
  • The Plus edition is available as a Site license. Free updates for 6 months are available by downloading from our website.

Pro edition
The Pro edition includes all features of the Plus edition and additionally:

Flat and Indexed search methods
  • There are two additional, faster search methods available: the flat and indexed search method. This increases the search speed by many times which is essentiell for larger sites. So up to 10000 files and 100 MB will most likely be no problem on a fast computer. You may choose between all three possible search methods in each category.
  • When the indexed search method is applied, searching of Non-HTML text files also supports
    PDF (Portable Document Format) Documents PDF (Portable Document Format)documents (files with the .pdf extension).

Shell Executable
  • The executable file is not limited to be run via CGI, but can also be executed as a stand-alone application on the system shell (Command Line), acting as "Shell Executable". This allows the automatic daily update of the index files (Cron Job scripts for Unix and Windows included.).
  • Integrated Spider and HTTP client: "Grabbing" of the content of any URLs enables searching them on your site. You can also use this feature to make the whole content of dynamically generated pages in your site searchable.

Example for HomepageSearchEngine executed on the Shell

other Extras
  • Alternatively, all shell commands can also be executed via the password protected Admin Area through your webbrowser, in a console. Comfortable for those who don't have shell access (using Telnet or SSH). The passwords are encrypted using the DES algorithm and work on both Windows and Unix platforms. The user file has the same format as the authUserFile that the .htaccess method uses for protecting directories. So you can also use the Admin Area to create such authUserFiles. The User Management works with a server sided Session ID based system. Accepting Cookies is never required - for achieving a highest possible level of Privacy.
  • Incremental indexing allows to use the web based Admin Area to index a large amount of files, even if your provider only offers little available CPU time for a process.
  • "Autocomplete indexing" feature allows easy index creation via the Admin Area, with just one click.
  • The Pro edition is available as a Site license, Host license or Enterprise license. Free updates for 12 months included.

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